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1. Interactive Map Overview


The RMS interactive map is like having a plan of your park embedded into RMS. At a glance you can see the real time availability of each of your sites and accommodation. See which sites are booked and those that are free. By hovering over a site you can view the details of the guest and the reservation including, name, arrive/depart dates, number of guests, rig details, account status and reservation notes.

The Interactive map is extremely useful for matching the requirements of the guest to the most appropriate site. This is very helpful when you are attempting to allocate guests close to friends or a specific amenity such as a boat ramp or pool. It is also extremely useful for new or seasonal staff who may not know the location and attributes of each site.

How to Activate the Interactive Map for your Park

Click once on the title above to be taken to information on how to activate the Interactive Map for your Park.

Watch this short Movie about the Interactive Map?

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