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How to View Special Events via the Booking Chart


This tutorial will show you how to view the details of a predefined special event in your booking chart.


First StepBookingChart.png

To open the Booking Chart, click once on the icon shown to the left which is located on the navigation bar at the top left of your RMSWeb screen.

This will open your Booking Chart.


Second StepBCSpecialEventAdd3.jpg

Special Events that have previously been entered into your booking chart are viewable by color on the days of the month displayed at the top.


Third Step

To view the information of the special event hover your mouse over the dateBCSpecialEventView.jpg

A data window will appear, in this window you will be shown the below;

The date you are hovering

The Charge Period applied to the above date, including the description and the date range that the period covers.

The Special Event applied to the above date, including the property the event is for, the description of the special event and the date range of the special event.



Special Events
Special Events allow you to quickly see from the Booking Chart when a special event is to take place!
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