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Adding a Special Event via the Booking Chart


This tutorial will take you through the steps on how to add a new special event from the booking chart.


First StepBookingChart.png

To open the Booking Chart, click once on the icon shown to the left which is located on the navigation bar at the top left of your RMSWeb screen.

This will open your Booking Chart.

Second Step

Right click once on the date you wish to apply a Special Event.BCSpecialEventAdd.jpg

When the menu appears (shown right) left click once on Add Special Event




Third Step

EnterBCSpecialEventAdd2.jpg the following information in the New Special Event screen;

This should be the name of the special event

From Date
Enter the start date of the special event

To Date
Enter the end date of the special event, this can go over many days if required

Select to use either a system color (alternates between light blue and yellow) or choose your own custom color

An optional field allowing for you to enter further information about the special event if required

Once all information is entered click once on Save/Next to add more special events or Save/Exit to finish.

Fourth StepBCSpecialEventAdd3.jpg

You will now see that the dates you have entered for your special event will display on the day in question on the booking chart in the color you have selected.






Special Events
Special Events allow you to quickly see from the Booking Chart when a special event is to take place!
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