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Show Area Dirty Indicator Option - Booking Chart


This tutorial will take you through the steps on how to display which rooms are considered dirty on your booking chart.


First StepBookingChart.png

To open the Booking Chart, click once on the icon shown to the left which is located on the navigation bar at the top left of your RMSWeb screen.

This will open your Booking Chart.

Second Step

Once your chart is open, click once on the Options button at the bottom of the screen.BCOptionsAreaDirty.jpg

To activate this option check the box beside the field named 'Show Area Dirty Indicator'.

Once your preferred view is chosen click once on Save/Exit.

Your booking chart will now automatically refresh to display the new setting.  Those rooms marked as dirty will now display a red dot beside the area name.

When you exit from the booking chart the system will save the setting you have chosen into your user profile and will therefore show the same settings when you next re-enter the chart.

TIP: You must have the housekeeping module turned on for this option to take effect.  To learn more about the housekeeping module see the related topics below.


Changing the Color Display of the Booking Chart
The booking chart legend is a quick reference for features of the chart including colors and symbols which show on the chart and what they signify.
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