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Options Screen


The booking chart options screen allows you to customize your view of the booking chart, once set the system will store your given preference to your user profile and remember next time you visit the chart!


This feature allows you to change the view of the booking chart.BCOptions.jpg

Options which can be set here include;

View By - The order which the areas will display in down the left hand side of the screen.

Days to Display - The number of days to display in one screen.

Height of Area - Adjusts the height of the rows, choose from Normal, Medium or Large.

Areas to Display - The number of areas to show in one screen.

Area Width to Display - Adjusts the width of the first column which displays the names of your areas.

Show Traditional Tariff Period Color - Displays the color of the period down the columns.

Column View by: Day / Week - Changes from a daily to a weekly view.

Show Area Description Column - Displays the long description of the area beside the area name.

Show Area Dirty Indicator - Turned on this shows the symbol beside the area when it is set to Dirty for housekeeping.

Enable Data Window - Shows the datawindow when you hover your mouse over a reservation.

What are the benefits of this feature?

The settings chosen in this screen will be saved against the user profile therefore each user can default to their preferred view automatically.

Watch a Short Tutorial on this Feature

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