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The booking chart legend is a quick reference for features of the chart including colors and symbols which show on the chart and what they signify.


The Legend can be accessed on the booking chart by clicking once on the button at the bottom of the screen named 'Legend'.  The legend will appear on the right hand side of the screen and includes the following information;BCLegend.jpg


  • Room Dirty - Useful when using the housekeeping module this is set in real time.
  • Fixed Reservation - Where a reservation has been set to Fixed YES meaning it should not be moved.
  • Movable Reservation - Where a reservation can be extended or reduced for its time of stay.

Colors - Gender - This feature is useful to backpacker or dorm accommodation.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Not Set

Colors - Reservations

  • Unconfirmed - No deposit has been paid
  • Confirmed - Deposit amount has been receipted
  • Arrived - Currently In-House
  • Departed - Reservation has checked out
  • Maintenance - Area is blocked out for maintenance

Colors - Credit Status

  • Account in Debit - Reservation has a debit balance
  • Account in Credit - Reservation has a credit balance
  • Zero Balance - No outstanding balance on the account.





Checking Credit Status from the Chart

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