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Adding Custom Color to Res Types


After completing this tutorial you will have assigned a custom color to your individual Res Types, this will govern the color that the reservations appear in on the booking chart when the Res Type option for color in chosen.


First Step

From any screen within RMSWeb

Click once on Setup on the navigation barRTColor.jpg

Choose Lookup Tables from the list

Choose Res Types from the sub list

** If you have added res types previously the list will display and you can edit the existing records, if none display choose add at the bottom of the screen.


Second Step

When you have the edit or add screen open you will find a color field on the top centre, to select your prefered color complete the following;

Click once on the drop down arrow to the right of the color field

Choose the option 'Use Custom Color'

Click once on the drop down arrow of the field that now shows to the right of 'Use Custom Color'

Select the color you wish this res type to appear in on the booking chart

Once completed, select Save/Exit

TIP: To ensure that the text on the booking chart can be read easily opt for a lighter shade of colors.


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