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Attributes on the Booking Chart



This feature allows you to use both Category and Area attributes to filter the Booking Chart.

For Example: If you only want to know those categories/areas that have an ocean view, you can use this feature to filter out all other categories/areas. 

What are the benefits of this feature?

When you use this feature on your booking chart, you can choose to only show those categories/areas that have an ocean view, this feature will filter out all other categories/areas no associated to that attribute.

When to use this feature?

Use this feature when you have a client wanting to book who only wants a room overlooking the ocean, or must have a balcony etc.

Watch a short tutorial on this feature

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Attributes on the Interactive Map
Using attributes on the Interactive Map allow you to find either categories or areas that are linked to specific attributes.  When attributes are selected the map will outline either the categories or areas in another color (Yellow being the default color).
Attributes can be applied to Areas, Categories or Dwellings to identify places with particular characteristics. For Example: Ocean view, disabled access, floodlights, parking available. etc


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