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Areas no longer in Use


This articles explains how to manage Areas or Rooms that are considered no longer in use at your property.


After completing this how-to you will have removed the unused area from your daily reporting/procedures.

Add a new Category

From any screen within RMS9

Select Setup from the Navigation Bar

Select Categories/Areas from the list

Select Add

Enter a Short Description of 'Do Not Use'

Select a G/L Acc Code from the drop down list provided (you may wish to add a new G/L Acc Code for this category)

Select 'Save/Exit'.



If your system asks the following question select 'No' - Would you like to exclude this category from existing security profiles?

Set the Display Order

Select the button named 'Display Order' and the below screen will appear

Select the new category

Using the up and down arrows move the category to the order you wish for it to appear

RMS suggests that you make this category the last in the list as shown below

Reset your RMS system

For the new category to be visible in all areas you will now need to log out of RMS9 and back in to continue with the following steps.

Remove the Area from Statistics

From any screen within RMS9

Select Setup from the Navigation Bar

Select Categories/Areas from the list

Double left click to edit the category that currently holds the unused area

Go to the Areas Tab along the top of the screen

Double left click to edit the unused area

Untick the option Statistics

This will remove this area from being used on reports including the occupancy report

Select 'Save/Exit'

Move unused Area

Highlight the unused area by left clicking on it once

Select the 'Move' button on the bottom right of the screen

A screen will appear listing each of the categories in your system.

Select the 'Do Not Use' category

Then select 'Save/Exit'


The area has now been moved into its new category.

Hide your Do Not Use Category

If you no longer wish to see any of the areas that you have moved into your Do Not Use category on your Booking Chart;

Edit the category in question

Select the option 'Inactive' in the bottom left of the screen

By selecting inactive this category and all areas linked to it will not appear on your booking chart or Rate Availability Chart.  They will also be omitted from reporting.

Select 'Save/Exit'.

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