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Default Times for Categories


The feature to use Default Times for Categories allows you to set a different system default arrival and departure time for every room type (category) in your RMS system.


This feature is directly linked to the option of Reservation Times which is found under General Information.


If when selecting your options under General Information > Reservations you chose to 'Use Room Type (category) Default Times' you will now need to set the default arrival and departure time for each of your Room Types (Categories). 


This setting may be changed at any time, however it is important to note that any reservations that already exist in your system will not change automatically.


Read more about General Information Settings here.


Under the Times tab, to the left of the screen you will find a section named 'Default times'.  Set your default arrival and departure times for each Room Type(Category) here.


NOTE: The Room Type(Category) Available Between section to the right is used for Facility Properties Only.

A facility property is classified as anything booked specifically by time. For Example; Conference Rooms, Ovals etc.

What are the benefits of this feature?

When you use this feature, the system will automatically default each reservations arrival and departure time according to the Room Type(Category) that they have been placed in.


By doing this when you merge confirmation letters etc, the system will automatically show the correct arrival and departure times.


It is important to note however that regardless of using this feature you the user still has the option to manually change the arrival and departure time for each reservation you enter into your RMS system.

When to use this feature?

Use this feature if each or one of your Room Types(Categories) has a different arrival and departure and/or departure time than others in your system.

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