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Reservations Accounts Bill To Company


This article will take you through the steps on how to Bulk Bill a reservations account back to a Company.


By following the below steps you will be able to bulk bill the Company for the reservations in question. 


First Step - Edit the Reservation

Locate and edit the reservation in question

Second Step - Linking the Company

Once the Reservation screen is displayed locate the Company field.

This field should be found in the Reservation Details column (centre column).


Using the drop down field provided select the Company you wish to link to the reservation.

Once done select Save.

Third Step - Set the Bill To

Open the account of the reservation, this is done by clicking once on the word Accomm (this word by display differently in your database due to it being a label).

In the bottom left hand corner of the account you will see a field named 'Bill To'.  Using the drop down provided select Company from the list.

Fourth Step - Create a Tax Invoice

Outstanding amounts will only be shown on the bulk billing and bulk payments screens once they have had a Tax Invoice created against them.

It is the balance of the account that the time of the Tax Invoice being created that is sent to AR for bulk billing.


There are two ways to generate a Tax Invoice onto an account;

Right click on the charge once

Hover down to Invoice

Select either Email or print

At the bottom of the account screen click once on the button named 'Invoice'

Select either Email or Print

Once the Tax Invoice is created you will note a number in the Inv No column of the account against all of the transactions that make up the current balance.

Best Practice for Tax Invoice Creation

We suggest for short stays that you only create the tax invoice once the reservation has checked out and the account balance is confirmed to be correct.


For Long Term stays you may wish to create a tax invoice on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly cycle to ensure that intermittent statements are sent to the Company for payment.

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