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Paying Outstanding AR Accounts


This article will show you how to use the Accounts Receivable screen to make bulk Company and Travel Agent payments.


This feature allows you to process a single payment against multiple reservations in one transaction.

First Step - Getting There

From any screen in RMS9

Select Utilities from the Navigation bar

Select Accounts Receivable from the list

Second Step - Locate the Accounts

Once the Accounts Receivable screen opens

  1. Select either Company or Travel Agent
  2. Select the specific Company or Travel Agent from the list
  3. Select the button 'Get Accounts'

You also have the option to only show departed accounts as well as accommodation accounts only if required.


If you have a long list of Companies and/or Travel Agents you may use the search field at the bottom left of the screen.

Enter part of the Company or Agency name, as you type the system will filter the names.

A list of all current outstaning reservations which have had an invoice created will now appear on the screen.

Third Step - Enter the Receipt

At this stage you have the ability to open the account to ensure the charges that exist or preview the invoice by clicking once on the blue hyperlinked numbers.


You will note that the selections area on the left has been hidden, to preview these fields roll your mouse over the small yellow vertical bar on the left of the screen.

To process a payment select the 'Receipt' button found at the bottom of the screen.


Enter the payment details and select 'OK'

You will now see that the amount you entered for the receipt will now appear in the two read only fields, Receipt Amt and Amt to Allocate.

The Amt to Allocate field will reduce as you allocate money to reservations.

The payment cannot be processed until the Amt to Allocate field is 0.00.

Fourth Step - Allocate Money

There are two ways to allocate money to a reservation;

  1. Check the Auto box - this will allocate money equivilant to the owing column
  2. Manually enter an amount into the payment field by double clicking on the field.


Repeat this process until all of the money has been allocated and the Amt to Allocate field is 0.00.

Fifth Step - Process the Receipt

Select the process payment button found at the bottom right of the screen.



You will receive the below question, select YES.


You will now be presented with a Receipt which breaks down each of the individual reservation payments processed.

Accounts Receivable Report

The accounts receivable report allows you to regenerate an Accounts Receivable Payment Receipt at any time.


Select Report in the bottom right of the Accounts Receivable screen.

Enter the Receipt Number you wish to reprint


You will now be presented with a Receipt which breaks down each of the individual reservation payments processed on that receipt.

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