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Adding Travel Agents for AR


When you have authorized a Travel Agent for bulk billing, they should be then added into your RMS system.  This article will take you through the steps on how.


By adding a Travel Agent record into your RMS system you will then be able to link that company to any of the reservations made by that Agency.

In turn this will then allow you to Bulk Bill and make Bulk Payments for that Travel Agent.

Important Information

Please note that the below steps can only be performed by a user who has access to the Travel Agent Setup screens in their security profiles.  If you cannot access this area please refer to our Security Profiles article for more information.


First Step - Getting There

From any screen in RMS9

Select Setup from the Navigation bar

Select Travel Agents from the list

Second Step - Adding the Travel Agent

Once the Travel Agent Setup screen is displayed select the Add button at the bottom of the screen.


Their are only two (2) fields which are mandatory to supply;

  • Travel Agent Name
  • Credit Hold - If you have authorized this Travel Agent for Bulk Billing then this field should be checked.

NOTE: By selecting Credit Hold you are effectively telling your RMS system that you do not allow this Travel Agent to bulk bill in your system.


Travel Agent for AR.jpg


Other optional information you can set against a Travel Agent include;

  • Contacts

Use this area to add a list of appropriate contacts at the Travel Agency, this could include the CEO, the CIO, the Accountant etc.

  • Associated Guests

This tab will display a list of the guest names in your system that have been associated to a reservation for this Travel Agent.

  • Rate Type

This tab allows you to restrict what rates may be applied to a reservation who has this Travel Agent linked.  You may choose to use this if you have agreed on a certain rate with this Travel Agent.


For a full overview on Travel Agents click HERE.

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