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Reversing Receipts


This article will take you through the steps on how to reverse receipts which have been incorrectly processed onto an account.


Reasons for Reversals

Reversing of receipts would normally occur for two main reasons;

1. The original receipt was processed as the wrong receipt type

2. The original receipt was processed for an incorrect amount

Information before you reverse

  • To perform a reversal you must have security access to this process (See Security Profiles)
  • Reversals become hidden voided charges and can be viewed by selecting the 'Show/Hide Voided' button

First Step - Locate the Account

Locate and edit the reservation in question

Open the account which holds the receipt you wish to reverse

Second Step - Perform the Reversal

Click once on the receipt you wish to reverse to highlight it.

Select the Reverse Receipt button at the bottom of the screen


If you have added reasons into your RMS system on why voids occur then select the appropriate reason from the list provided, then select Reverse Receipt.

To learn more about Reasons click here.

The receipt will no longer show on the account.

Account Transaction Colour Legend

To make it even easier to see what transactions have been applied to the account we have included a color legend for Transaction Types.

Transaction Type Colour
Credit Note
Refundable Charge including partial and full refund



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