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Gift Vouchers


This article will take you through the best practice for accounting for sold gift vouchers in RMS.


Create a Guest record

From any screen in RMS9

Select the Guest icon shown on the top navigation bar

Enter all of the relevant information for the person who will be receiving the gift voucher.

If the name of the recipient is not known, simply use the gift voucher number as the surname of the guest record.

Then select 'Save'

Receipting Payment

Select the 'Account' button at the bottom of the guest record.


Receipt Button - Found at the bottom of the account screen.

The Receipt Screen

Select the Receipt Type that matches how the Gift Voucher is being paid.

The Receipt Types you can see on your receipt screen can vary depending on the setup of your system CLICK HERE to learn more about how to show or hide Receipt Types.

Enter a receipt amount, this would be the amount of the Gift Voucher being purchased.

Use the comment to record the Gift Voucher number.

This payment will be reflected on todays cash transactions report.

Creating a Reservation

When the person calls to make their reservation, it is imperative that you use the guest smart search fields to locate the correct guest record, these fields are signified by a grey arrow as shown below;

Proceed with creating and saving the reservation.

Applying the Gift Voucher

Select the 'Account' button shown under the Guest Details column.

Select the 'Bal Xfer' button

Select the Filter 'Related Account'

Then select the Accommodation account type displayed on the right of the screen.

Select 'Transfer'

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to transfer the amount.

Select Yes

The guest account will now reflect a zero balance.

A credit transfer amount will now appear on the guests reservation account, therefore paying for all or some of their stay.

If you wish you may right click once on the credit transfer line and add a comment to the transfer to include the gift voucher number.



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