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Printing Statements


Statements can be used to issue to a guest allowing them to check over their account prior to making payment.


Statements can be emailed or printed from a reservations account using one of the three available options.


Methods to Build Statements

Res Account.jpg


Statement Icon - Found at the top of the account screen. Statement Menu - Found when you right click once on a transaction on the account. Statement Button - Found at the bottom of the account screen.
Statement Icon.jpg Statement Right Click.jpg Statment Button.jpg

Printing Statements

Using one of the above three methods, once chosen the below screen will appear, choose the option 'Print Statement' and select OK
Statement Options.jpg

Thermal Printers

Using one of the above three methods, once chosen the below screen will appear, choose the option 'Print Statement', tick the option 'Thermal Print' and select OK.

RMS9 will search for a printer on your network named RMSTHERMALPRINTER to print to.  If a printer by this name cannot be found you will receive a message stating that this printer does not exist.

The system will remember you have chosen the Thermal Print and the tick will automatically remain on this option until unticked manually.

Statement Thermal Option.jpg

Click HERE for an example Thermal Statement

RMS Recommended Thermal Printer

Brand: EPSON

Thermal Printer: TM-T88V

Model: M244A

Paper Width: 8cms

Logos on Statements

There is provision on our Statements to show your company logo.  Your logo will appear in the top left corner of the Statement.

Dimensions for your logo;

A4 Statement: 2 cm Wide x 2.2 cm High

Thermal Statement: 7.1 cm Wide x 2.4 cm High

CLICK HERE to see the steps to uploading your logo to appear on our Statements.


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