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Charging the Rate(Tariff) before Arrival


This article will take you through the steps for manually creating the tariff onto a reservations account.

Why would you Manually Create the Rate(Tariff)?

RMS gives you the option to manually create the rate onto the reservations account prior to arrival.  You may wish to do this in the event that the guest has requested an invoice for pre-payment.


First Step - Access the Reservation Account

Locate and edit the reservation in question


Within the right hand column of the reservation you will see the Accommodation account.


Click once on the name of this account.


NOTE: The name of this account in your system may not be Accommodation as this is a label that can be changed during setup.



Second Step - Creating the Rate(Tariff)

Once you have the account open you will find a button at the bottom named Create Rate(Tariff). 

Select this button and the RMS system will create a charge onto the account for the accommodation.


Important Information to Note

Depending on the settings you have chosen during your setup;

  • This action may create the Total Rate for the guests stay (as show above) or it may create the first nights rate of the guests stay.
  • The system may future date the charge to the arrival date of the reservation.
  • If creating the rate before the guests stay is something you wish to do every-time you may want to turn on the feature 'On Res Creation'.  CLICK HERE to learn more about this option.

Account Transaction Colour Legend

To make it even easier to see what transactions have been applied to the account we have included a color legend for Transaction Types.

Transaction Type Colour
Credit Note
Refundable Charge including partial and full refund


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