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Changing the Bill To


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This article will take you through the steps to using the 'Bill To' feature on an account.

What is Bill To?

The Bill To feature on RMS accounts has two fundamental actions, the first is A/R Accounts, the second is to determine the contact details that will appear for the guest on the Statements, Tax Invoices and Receipts.

Bill To options include Company, Group Name, Guest and Travel Agent.

It is possible to set a default preference of the Bill To for your property, CLICK HERE to find out how.

A/R Accounts

If you have chosen to use the A/R Accounts feature of RMS, the Bill To setting will determine where account balances are transferred to when a Tax Invoice is generated. (CLICK HERE to learn more about A/R Accounts settings).

Statements, Tax Invoices & Receipts

Even if you are not using A/R Accounts the Bill To field will determine what contact details are shown on the Statements, Tax Invoices and Receipts.  For Example, if Bill To is set to Guest it will use the guests information to complete the contact details, however, if the Bill to is set to Travel Agent it will use the contact information for the Travel Agent associated to the reservation.


First Step

Open the account you wish to change the Bill To for.

Second Step

In the bottom left corner of the account you will find a Bill To option.

Select the drop down arrow and choose the Bill To element you wish to set.  The field will save automatically once your selection is made.

HINT: If you select a Bill To of Company or Travel Agent you must ensure that you have these fields completed on the Reservation Screen.




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