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Applying Repeat Charges


This article will take you through the steps to apply a repeat charge to an account.


Repeat charges are normally used for long term accounts enabling you to charge rental amounts automatically over a time frame selected.


By marking a reservation as long term and adding a repeat charge to the account, RMS will record and when necessary a 'Paid To Date' for the reservations rental. (CLICK HERE for more information on adding a Long Term reservation)


Repeat charges will automatically be applied to accounts on the startup of RMS9 each day as required.

Applying Single Repeat Charges

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Applying Multiple Repeat Charges

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Adding Repeat charges

From the reservations account, select the repeat charge button.


If the reservation currently has no repeat charges setup you will automatically be taken to the below screen.



Selecting your Sundry Charge

If you wish to you can select to add Multiple repeat charges at once, to do this select the box to the left of the sundries name for each one you wish to apply;

Rules for Multi Add Include;

  1. Each sundry selected must have a unit price
  2. Initial transaction will not be accessible
  3. All sundries must have the same Repeat cycle
  4. Once added you will need to set the paid to date for the charge required

Initial Transactions

An Initial Transaction is one that will apply the account the moment you choose to Save/Exit on the setup of your repeat charge.


If you wish to use an 'Initial Transaction' leave the box checked, select the start and end dates and elect an initial amount.


If you do not wish to use an 'Initial Transaction' uncheck the box provided.

Repeat Transactions

The Repeat Transaction is the frequency of when you wish the system to automatically charge the sundry to the account.  You may wish to charge rent Every '2nd', 'Week' OR Every 'Blank', 'Month'.


Use amount from Sundry should be selected if your sundry charge is already set for the correct unit price.  If not uncheck this option and manual enter in the amount you wish to charge for this frequency.


Check the option Show Paid To For This Charge, if this is the repeat charge you wish to work the paid to date off.


Starting On should commonly be left at the Arrival Date however another date can be selected if required.


Ending On should commonly be left as the Departure Date, this way if the reservation extends the repeat charge will extend with it.


Once all the information is entered select Save/Exit.

Other options

Daily Rate - Breaks the amount to charge down as the daily rate to charge.


Limit Last Charge to Until Date - This option will Pro-Rata the last frequency charge to the Ending On date therefore if it is a weekly charge and the last charge is only for 4 nights, RMS will pro rata the weekly charge so that only a 4 night charge is applied.


Show Paid To For This Repeat Charge - When adding multiple sundries at the same time, this option is disabled, therefore you will need to edit the appropriate charge and check the box.

NOTE: Only 1 charge can be the one that the paid to date calculates from.

Account Transaction Colour Legend

To make it even easier to see what transactions have been applied to the account we have included a color legend for Transaction Types.

Transaction Type Colour
Credit Note
Refundable Charge including partial and full refund




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