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Additional Taxed Sundries


Additional Taxed Sundries are where there are extra taxes on top of the actual amount of the sundry charge.  This feature is used by properties who are set to Tax Exclusive.


Examples of when to use the feature of Additional Tax include;

  • Where a Sales Tax is applied on top of the sundry charge
  • Where a Luxury Tax is applied on top of the sundry charge

Breaking Down the Fields

Below is a screen shot of what the Additional Tax tab contains, you will only see this tab against sundry charges if your system is set to Tax Exclusive.


To add an additional tax, starting from the top of the screen;

Place a tick against Secondary Tax

Enter a Description for the Tax (this will appear on the account)

Using the drop down field provided select the appropriate G/L Acc Code you wish the tax component to report against.

Enter the Tax Exclusive percentage (%) you wish to apply.

NOTE: The Tax Inclusive (/) field does not need to be utilized, this should only be used if your property changes between quoting Tax Inclusive and Tax Exclusive figures, this being the case you would need to enter the divisor for the Tax you are applying.

The option for Apply if Charge Falls Between is an optional element and does not require any information entered if this Tax option does not apply to your property.  If Tax is applied this way at your property simply tick the option to activate then enter the from and to figures.



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