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Requirements Display Order


This feature allows you to nominate the order that RMSOnline requirements will appear in on your online booking page.

What are the benefits of this feature?

When you use this feature, you gain the ability to order the extras that you sell on your online booking page.  This feature will allow you to order these in any way you prefer,.

Where do you find this feature?RequirementsOnlineDisplay.jpg

This feature can be found under Setup > Accounting > Requirements.

Under the RMS Online Options tab you will find a new field named Display Order, simply enter the display number you wish to give each requirement, 1 being first in the list.

The display order will default to zero for all requirements added.

The display order will only effect your Online Booking page, this setting has no bearing on requirements that show in RMS 9 or RMS for Windows.



See below for a preview of where requirements appear within the online booking process;RequirementsOnlineDisplayPreview.jpg












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