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This article will take you through the steps on adding requirements to your RMS system.  Requirements allow you to link sundry charges to a reservation which will automatically charge to the reservation account on checkin.


Requirements can be used for two main reasons in RMS9;

  1. To attach charges to a reservation for extra requirements which will not apply the charge to the account until check-in
  2. To sell extras on the RMS Book Now Button

Requirements can be a FOC inclusion in a reservation, For Example: Breakfast, which can then appear on your todo list or they can have a charge associated to them, For Example: Half Hour Massage.


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Accessing the Setup Screen

From any screen within RMS9

Select Setup on the Navigation bar

Select Accounting from the list

Select Requirements from the sub list

Click once on Add

Requirement Details

Enter a description for your requirement into the Requirement field provided.

If there is a charge associated to your requirement you will need to select the sundry charge which will apply to the account on check-in.

Enter a Quantity, this is the number that the unit price will multiply by to make the amount, For Example if the quantity of the below example was 2 the Amount would become 2.40.

The Unit Price can be either a price that you type into the field itself or can read from the amount set against the sundry charge chosen by checking the box for the option 'Use Amount from Sundry'

Note: the Code field is only used in conjunction with the RMS Online channel Hoseasons.

Appear on Housekeepers Report - You may choose to check this option for requirements like Pillow Choice, or Champagne and Chocolates on Arrival.  The requirement will appear in the notes section of the housekeepers report.

Daily Requirement - You may choose to check this option for requirements like Daily Paper, this way the requirement will appear on your ToDo List daily, each morning the requirements for that day can be printed off so you know which room to supply a paper to.

Charges Required Daily - If checked the requirement amount will charge to the reservations account for everyday that it is entered for.  Wish this option you can choose to either Exclude or Include the To Date

The Inactive check box is used when you no longer wish this requirement to be used either online or by your reservation staff.

Assigning Categories

Not every requirement you add may be an option for every category in your system, this tab allows you to move categories to the left of the screen, and stop them from being able to see this requirement.  This rule will affect both online and your reservation staff.


Applying to RMSOnline

If you wish for this requirement to be available on your RMS Booking Page for your guests to select from you will need to complete the three fields in this tab.

Show in RMSOnline - allows your RMS Booking Page access to see this requirement.

Display Order - Allows you to choose the order that your requirements will show online, if you do not enter a number here, the RMS Booking Page will display them in alpha/numeric order

Note: This is a long description of your requirement, giving your guests more detail on the requirements.

** Remember if you are a Self Hosted customer of RMS and you are activating Requirements for the first time for your RMS Booking Page you will need to perform a full property synchronization before they will be seen online.


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