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GL Acc Codes


G/L Acc Codes link to your sundry charges and categories, they are utilized in the financial reporting of RMS9.


G/L Acc Codes record and group each charge raised in RMS9.  They are a record of your income and you may establish as little or many accounts as needed.  Ten (10) system account codes will be set in your database, these cannot be removed, they are;

CC Comissions, Deposit, Internet Charges, Phone Charges, Refund, RMSOnline Credit Card Fees, RMSOnline Transaction Fees, Suspense Receipt, Trust Suspense.

To learn how to add new GL Account Codes into RMS please watch the below short movie.

Watch this Short Movie to find out how

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First Step

From any screen within RMS9

Select the option Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Accounting from the list

Choose G/L Acc Codes from the sub list

Click once on Add

Second Step


NOTE: The minimum information you need to enter to create a G/L Acc Code is the first blue field at the top of the screen, this is the description that will show on your financial reporting.

Enter a G/L Acc Code - this could be a short description or you may also use your back office accounting codes from MYOB or Quickbooks.

Enter a description, this is normally longer than the G/L Acc Code entered and is shown as the long description on your reporting, this description is very helpful if you choose to use a G/L Acc Code which is your account codes from your back office accounting system.

If you wish to use Groupings these must be completed before you add your G/L Acc Code otherwise you may save the information and come back to add Groupings at a later date.

Tick include in Accommodation Revenue for Reporting if this G/L Acc Code is not going to be used against a category however you still consider anything linked to it to be Accommodation Revenue.

Once all information is entered select Save/Next to add further G/L Acc Code or if you are finished select Save/Exit.

Why use Groupings?

If you have chosen to use a seperate G/L Acc Code for each category and also break down your sundry charge G/L Acc Codes the grouping will be beneficial.

For Example: If you have three (3) categories;

  1. Studio
  2. One Bedroom
  3. Two Bedroom

You may choose to have three (3) G/L Acc Codes this way you are able to quickly see the revenue generated from each of the accommodation types.  However if you link the grouping of accommodation to all three (3) then on your financial reporting RMS will display a sub total of all three (3) as well as the individual G/L Acc Code revenue.


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