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This article will take you through the steps to add Discounts into your RMS system for use both within RMS and with RMS Online.


Discounts allow you to alter the rate charged to the guest by a set amount or percentage without having to manually override the quoted rate.  This allows for more accurate reporting of revenue as discounts can show separately on your accounting reports.

Discounts can also be used for promotional use on your RMS Online Bookings from your Webpage, as an incentive for guests to book online.


First Step

From any screen in RMS9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Accounting from the list

Choose Discounts from the sub list

Click once on Add

Second Step

Enter a name for the discount (if you are using this discount for RMS Online it is best to keep the name as a single word)

Select a G/L Acc Code from the drop down list.  If one does not exist that you need click once on the words 'G/L Acc Code:' to be presented with a G/L Acc Code add screen.

TIP: If you would like to show the discounted figure separately on your revenue reporting you will need to ensure that you add a new G/L Acc Code to select, Click HERE to find out how to add a new G/L Acc Code.

If your RMS system is a Central Database (meaning you have more than one property setup in your RMS system) the property field allows you to limit the use of a discount to one property only.

You may now choose to apply your discount as a percentage (%) of the quoted rate or as a set amount.

TIP: A straight forward percentage discount with no extra options chosen will only calculate the discount amount on the base rate quoted.

If percentage is chosen, you must enter an amount no greater than.  You also have three separate options which can be used;

'No Greater than' applies to all Rate Posted - If this option is chosen and you create rates nightly, the no greater than will apply to the total of the stay (therefore once the limit has been reached the discount will stop applying)

Include Package in Percentage Calculation - If the reservation is booked using a package tariff, ticking this option will include the package component when calculating the discount amount.  This option can also be effected by another option under your Accounting Options setup named 'Calculate % Package Component of Rate after Discount has been applied'.  Click HERE to read about this option.

Include Extras in Percentage Calculation - With this option selected, the amount for any additional people over and above the nightly rate will be included when calculating the discount amount.


Third Step

Select the Category (Room Type) tab.  Here you can select which categories can use the discount.  Use the left right arrows to move the categories from the left to the right of the screen.

Those categories with access to the discount should be moved to the right of the screen.


Fourth Step

Select the RMS Online Options tab.

This screen is used if you wish to use the discount as a promotional code with RMS Online Bookings from your Website.

Tick the option 'RMS Online Promotion'

Choose the from and to dates that your promotion will run for.

Use the left and right arrows to move the rate type you wish to show with this promotion for online, those that appear on the right hand side have access to this discount for online.

TIP: Your RMS Online Agent must have access to this rate type for the promotion code to work.

When advertising a promotion build from a discount you will need to promote the name with a *D at the beginning.  For Example if your discount is named Getaway, you need to promote it to your guests as *DGetaway.


Once Complete Select Save/Exit.

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