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Credit Cards


This tutorial explains how to create a list of Credit Cards accepted at your property which should display as options when choosing to receipt by either Credit Card or Eftpos.


Credit Card Receipt types are used for the following two reasons;

  1. If you are using a Payment Gateway to receipt using this Gateway you must select the receipt type of Credit Card.
  2. To show your Credit Card receipts on your deposit slip.


Eftpos Receipt Types are used for the following two reasons;

  1. If you do not wish the payment to go through your Payment Gateway
  2. To show your Eftpos receipts seperately on your deposit slip

Getting to the Setup Screen

From any screen within RMS9
Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Accounting from the list
Choose Credit Cards from the sub list

Adding/Editing a Credit Card Type

To edit an existing Credit Card type double click on the one you wish to edit from the list on screen.

To add a new Credit Card type select the add button at the bottom right of the screen.

The minimum detail that you require to add a new Credit Card type is a Credit Card Description entered into the blue field provided.

Breakdown of each field under Card Info

Credit Card: This is the minimum detail required to add a credit card type into your system, this should be the description of the card type E.g. Visa, MasterCard

Charge to Owner: This charge is used for properties using the Owner Accounting module, it activates a charge to the owner of an area each time this credit card type is used.  This is a dollar figure.

Show in RMSOnline: This check box should be ticked if you are using RMSOnline Bookings from your Website.

Using your own Payment Gateway? Only check this box for the credit cards you have activated through your payment gateway.

Using the RMS Payment Gateway? Only check this box for Visa and MasterCard.

Show Seperately on Bank Statement: This check box relates directly to properties using the Owner Accounting module, more specifically to the Three Way Balance feature, selecting this option will group daily each card types total transactions.

Breakdown of each field under Pay To

Bank: This is the most commonly chosen option, when credit card receipts are processed they will appear on the Cash Transaction report for that day.

Account: The account option adds an additional element to processing credit cards.  This option places all credit card receipts into a holding bay, whereby when the monies are transferred into your physical bank account you will then need to pay them off to your bank account less fees.  This option would normally only be chosen for Amex or Diners and should only be activated with the knowledge of how to pay these transactions off.

G/L Acc Code: This field is mandatory if you have chosen Pay To Account.  This G/L Acc Code will be used to apply against the commissions held by the bank when the monies are transferred into your account.

Transaction Fees

For more information on this tab see the article named APPLYING MERCHANT FEES



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