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Account Options


This article will take you through global account settings in RMS for working on an Account after Departure, Allowing Charge Redirection, Activated Second Deposits and Activating Travel Agent Commission.

Getting to these Settings

From any screen within RMS 9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Accounting from the list
Choose Accounting Options from the sub list
Select the Account Tab at the top of the screen

What are the benefits of these features?

All features in this screen are global features for your system, however certain options can be overridden in the security profiles screen, allowing you to remove access to certain users.

Work on Account after Departure

This option gives your staff access to make changes to a reservation account after the guest has departed.

This feature can also be controlled for the Security Profiles.

Allow Charge Redirection

Charge redirection allows you to setup rules against a specific reservation which will tell the system to automatically send charges to another account type or another reservation account completely.

When activated a tab is shown on the reservation screen for Charge Redirection.

Second Deposit Required

RMS by default always has the option to ask for a deposit, however ticking this option allows you to apply rules for a second deposit prior to the guests arrival.

Use Travel Agent Commission

Ticking this option will activate the fields required on the Travel Agent setup screen to calculate commission on reservations taken from said Travel Agent.

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