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Upgrading from Version 8.10 to 8.11


Before moving from 8.10 to 8.11 you will need to follow the steps below, alternatively you may choose to move to RMS cloud whereby the software applications and your RMS database is safely stored on our servers.


After completing this tutorial you will have upgraded your Self Hosted RMS system from Version 8.10 to Version 8.11.

RMS Cloud Aternative

Moving to the RMS Cloud eliminates the requirement to manage an IT system at all. The responsibility of backups, data security and maintaining optimum efficiency are left to us.

The RMS Cloud lets you forget about the worry of running an IT system and get on with your business.

The RMS Cloud removes your dependence on the reliability of hardware. If you experience a computer failure simply access the cloud from a different computer without missing a single record.


Automatically upgrades to your latest version of your data base version 8 and the RMS9 web application.

Further advantages include:

  • Mobile – access from anywhere
  • Reduce your dependence on IT support
  • Secure data backup and storage
  • Data archiving for easy access of old records
  • 99.98% up time


SQL 2008

It is imperative that you have your local tech install SQL 2008 onto your server computer, click HERE to be taken to our knowledge base article on how.

RMS Hardware Requirements

Click HERE for the details of the RMS Hardware Requirements for your computers.

This version of 8.11 includes Crystal 2008.  This version is both 32 & 64 bit compatible.

This version will not allow credit card numbers to be added into any field that is not the RMS designated CC Number fields.

Port 1433

We add to the computer -Start – Control Panel – Window Firewall- Exception Tab, add port – port name = RMS – port number =1433, leave the dot TCP, save.

All computers need Window Firewall Port 1433 open and if using Window 7, both the inbound and outbound Ports need to be done.

Microsoft.Net Framework

Customers upgrading to this version must first ensure that .Net Framework 3.5 is installed on all RMS Computers in their office, if not they must first run the Windows Update on their system to install this version.

This version WILL NOT run with MSDE or SQL 2000 and is NOT compatible with Office 2003.

Credit Card Removal

In keeping with upcoming legislation changes RMS has now included the feature to automatically remove credit card details both;

1.        X days after the guests departure, and  

2.        X days after a client record has been created.  

If you have a payment Gateway turned on, this version will turn the CC fields to read only.

Further information on the Credit Card Removal feature can be found in the RMS Help Files (F1) under the category – General Information > Options

Form Letters

Text Editor 2

The RMS Text Editor has been replaced with the new Text Editor 2 program.

If you currently use the Text Editor for your correspondence letters in RMS you will be required to re-create your correspondence letters in Text Editor 2

Please look at setup document from our F1 help files called Changing from Word to Text Editor 2 Other Helpful F1 Help document is emailing Correspondence.

If you decided to kept using MS Word for your form letters you will need Word 2007 or higher.

PDF Emailing

PDF files for emailing means that your emailed correspondence letters will become attachments within the email sent. This ensures that the layout of your letter does not change during the email process and also ensures that the letter your guests are sent cannot be changed by the guest once received.

Please look at setup document from our F1 help files called PDF format for emails.

Size Limit

All Form Letters entered into RMS now have a file size limit of 150KB. Therefore if you are inserting logos or images into your form letters, please ensure the file size of these images before inserting them into your form letter.

Further details on Text Editor 2 and how to use this feature can be found in the RMS Help Files (F1) under the category - Correspondence.


The housekeeping module of RMS has been re-written to provide full flexibility with bed configuration, linen requirements & tasks.

When upgrading the system will automatically transfer your current housekeeping settings into the new module, however we advise that you print the full document on the new housekeeping schedule which can can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Transferring Transactions

Version 8.11 allows two ways in which to transfer transactions from one account to another.

1.        Each account within RMS now has a button at the bottom of the screen named 'Xfer' this button allows you to transfer multiple charges from one account to another in one step.

2.        Each account within RMS now has a balance transfer button – this button allows you to transfer all or part of the current account balance to another account within RMS.

Transaction Merging on Tax Invoices

This enhancement allows you to hide multiple transactions on an account under a defined description on the Tax Invoice.

Those changes merged will still apply to the account code they are assigned to.

Receipts cannot be merged.

An example on the use of this feature is where a guest has a mini bar charge and a restaurant charge back on their account.

Both the mini bar and the restaurant charges can be merged together under the description of Restaurant.

Further information can be found in the RMS Help Files (F1) under the category - Reservation/Client Accounts.

Field Maintenance

Further fields have been added into RMS in version 8.11.

If you do not wish to see these fields on your screen you are able to disable them using the Field Maintenance feature.

From the RMS Main Menu > Setup Drop down arrow > Field Maintenance; simply untick those fields you do not wish to use.

Fields may also be moved from this screen by choose the field you wish to move then selecting either the up or down arrow.

Further information on the Field Maintenance feature can be found in the RMS Help Files (F1) under the category – Ancillary Setup.

There are also release notes that will tell you what has changed between your current version and the latest version.

To do this, please go to our website, www.rms.com.au > log into the customer service centre > click on release notes (top button) > enter in from and to versions.

Upgrade Times

Please keep in mind with upgrades; we are happy to push out the RMS upgrades through the RMS Configurator Monday through to Thursday (excluding public holidays) between the hours of 9.00 – 2.00 Melbourne times, so we can offer you full technical support.

Please contact us between these times when you are ready to install this new version by calling us or logging a Service Request.



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