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Housekeeping Procedures Guide


This guide will take you through how to allocate specific areas to housekeepers for cleaning, how to mark an area as clean in RMS and how to hold an area over for cleaning the following day.

Housekeeper Roster

RMS 8 > Upper Tool Bar > Clean Drop Down Arrow > Housekeeper Roster

This step is only relevant to those properties which allocate particular areas/tasks to each Housekeeper for cleaning. The Housekeepers Report can then also be printed for each individual Housekeeper.

The yellow shaded area below the Housekeeper Roster screen will display a cumulative record of total tasks and minutes, then a breakdown of the number of each task in your system.


Highlight the Housekeeper you wish to start with then click once on the Allocation button.



Housekeepers Reports

RMS 8 > Reports > Daily > Housekeepers

The Housekeeper report has been revised to provide various format and display options. We suggest you try the options with your data and settle on a preferred format.

If you are utilizing the Housekeeper Roster screen then we suggest the report be printed for a particular Housekeepers Allocation.

Maintenance rooms default to not show on the housekeepers report, however, we have included an option to show these rooms if you wish.


Once you have made your selection, click once on Build.


The Task appears against each room, guiding the Housekeeper.

Where a room is vacated and re-occupied in the same, names of both guests are shown, with associated Tasks. Notes will apply to the Arriving guest.

Room counts and minutes are totaled for each grouping and for the whole property.  Linen count and grand totals are provided at the property level.

A past dated Housekeepers Report may be used for review and history. A future dated report will indicate Housekeeper levels which will require staffing.

Setting an Area to Clean

RMS 8 > Upper Tool Bar > Clean Button

Use the ‘Clean’ button on the Upper Tool Bar to open the Clean screen

  1. Select the Area Status's you wish to see (using the options to the left E.g. Vacant Dirty)
  2. Select the areas that have been cleaned by ticking the relevant boxes
  3. Click on the ‘Set To Clean’ button on the Lower Tool Bar
  4. When the Set To Clean message appears select Yes

All areas need to be set to clean before checking anyone into them.

To Hold an Area over

RMS allows you to hold an area over for cleaning on the following day.  This will appear on your housekeepers roster screen as a hold over dep clean.

To hold a room over simply leave it as a dirty room.

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