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End of Day Closeout Procedure - XCharge


Follow these instructions to obtain your end of day XCharge figures for comparison to RMS 8.

Important Note

At this time, there is a problem with the reporting in the XCharge application. Although the batch number is rotating forward, it is using counts and revenues from the previous batch number form the previous year. Until further notice, do not use the Batch Card Summary, the Batch Detail, or Batch History.

First Step

Open XCharge and press Reports

On the top right side of the screen you will see the option to Export Data, select this option


When promted to 'open or save this file' select OPEN.  This will open the report in Excel

Second Step

Once open in Excel it will look like the following screen shot.

Go to the bottom of column F in the worksheet and click on the cell.  You want to add the total of column F to find the total amount of charges for the day.


Once you have your curser at the bottom of column F, use the autosum feature in excel to calculate the total for that column.

You can use this feature by pressing the following button at the top right of the excel worksheet (see screen shot below).


You will now have your total for todays charges.

Third Step

Process the batch in RMS using the following steps

  1. In RMS 8 go to the Reports Menu
  2. Select Accounting
  3. Select Deposit Slip
  4. Place a tick in the option Close Deposit Slip, then build

Print the report for your records (optional), close excel (saving is optional) and log out of XCharge.




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