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How do I Activate my DPS account in RMS9?



Activating your own payment gateway can be completed in four (4) easy steps, once you have setup your gateway account;



First Step - Activate a Gateway

From any screen within RMS 9

Click Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Property Options from the list
Choose General Information from the sub list

On this screen as shown in the screen shot below you will need to;

  1. Tick the option ‘Use Credit Card’
  2. Select Payment Express (DPS).

Once chosen select Save/Exit.  Sign out of RMSWeb then log back in for the settings to take effect.

Second Step - Enter your Gateway Details

From any screen within RMS 9

Click Setup on the Navigation bar
Select Property Options from the list
Select Property Information from the sub list

Double click on the property name you wish to activate a gateway for

Select the Gateway tab

Each field displayed under the heading ‘Gateway Provider – Payment Express (DPS)’ will need to be completed.  The information you enter would have been provided to you by Payment Express (DPS).  We suggest that you copy and paste the information from the email provided to you by your Gateway Provider to minimize entry errors (you will need to use Ctrl + V to paste the information into the screen).  You will need to call Payment Express (DPS) to obtain your PostPassword.


NOTE: Please ensure that their are no spaces before or after the information entered into these fields.


Payment Express (DPS) can be contact on 1800 006 254 or +61 2 8268 7700.

Once you have entered the relevant details select Save/Exit.

Third Step - Setting Receipt Types

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only receipts processed using the receipt type of credit card will be processed through your payment gateway.

From any screen within RMS 9

Click Setup on the Navigation bar
Choose Accounting from the list
Choose Accounting Options from the sub list


Under ‘Show these Receipt Types’ you must ensure that Credit Card is selected.

If this option is not select, tick this option then select Save/Exit.

Fourth Step - Testing

This step consists of three (3) tests - A, B & C.

Test A - Can you Create a Token?

A token is created through the ‘CC Token’ button that is now visible at the bottom of the Guest Details screen/column.  If a token has not been created the text on the button will show red (see below).


When you choose this button the below screen will appear. 

Enter the credit card details requested, select 'Create Token'. 

If successful all fields will turn read only and the status field will turn green stating Token Exists.

Descriptions of other buttons available on this screen are; 

Delete Token:  This button will delete the token.

Create/Exit: This button will create a token then automatically exit the screen


If a token has been created the ‘CC Token’ button will show green (see above).


After a Token has been created the ‘CC Token’ button and the credit card number field will only show the last 4 digits of the Credit Card.

B. Can you perform a receipt in RMS through your Gateway account?

If a token has been created you will see an indented token line under the receipt type of Credit Card.

To use the token select the indented token entry

To use another credit card select the receipt type of credit card

Enter the Receipt amount.

By choosing the receipt type of Token the  Credit Card fields will turn read only.

If you had chosen the receipt type of Credit Card, you would be required to enter the card details


Select Process

If the transaction is successful the receipt will be created as normal.

If the transaction is not successful you will receive a message stating why.


NOTE: By choosing to reverse the receipt in RMS immediately after this test is run the money will be refunded to your credit card.

C. Can you successfully book a room from your RMS Online Booking Page?

Using your book now button on your web page, you will need to complete an online booking.  Once you have received the confirmation, locate this reservation in your RMS system and choose to reverse the receipt, this will refund the money back onto your credit card, once reversed cancel the reservation.

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