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Balancing RMS 8 with your DPS account


Payment Express (DPS) will automatically batch your payments daily.

When balancing your RMS 8 system to Payment Express (DPS) you will still use the Cash Transactions report.  To print the Cash Transactions report follow the below steps;

Important Information

  • Please note that as RMS does not create a receipt transaction when a token is created, you will find $1.00 transactions in your DPS account for each token created that will not balance back to your RMS system.
  • A majority of RMS users are setup within DPS to have their reporting time match up with GMT.  Because of this settlement dates will vary according to region.  The reports in question built within your DPS account should be done 1st of month 12:00am until 1st of following month 12:00am.


In your RMS 8 system

Select Reports

Select Accounting

Select Cash Transactions, then Build


This report will automatically group all Credit Card Receipt Types and Refunds together.  Each Receipt/Refund for the type Credit Card on this report should match back to your Payment Express (DPS) account.

NOTE: If you prefer to only see the Credit Card receipt types for the day in question, on the Cash Transactions build screen, place a tick in the option for Receipt Type then choose Credit Card only before selecting build.

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