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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still charge against the guest credit card for unpaid incidentals or unreported damage to the room?

Yes. When you enter credit card details in RMS the details are passed to and stored with the internet payment gateway provider. RMS will retain a "token" which relates to that credit card. Each time you wish to make a payment against that credit card account all you do is process the payment in RMS as usual. RMS will send the token to the payment gateway along with the details of the sale to facilitate the payment.

Do the transaction fees apply for all credit card payments?

You need only pay the transaction fees for transactions processed via RMS. If you don't need to store the credit card details you can simply process the transaction as normal via your credit card terminal.

Can I use my existing merchant facility?

You will require an “ecommerce” merchant facility to use the tokenization process and the services of the payment gateway provider. Conditions can vary in different geographical regions. The merchant services department of your bank can assist with this matter.

Can I perform a refund or a pre-authorisation using the PCI compliant solution?

You can refund money to a credit card stored by the payment gateway provider directly from RMS.

What if I choose not to use a Payment Gateway?

If you choose to not use a payment gateway, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions that apply with this setting, shown below.


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