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This article will take you through the steps to configuring your offsite iBackup module.  Before iBackup can be configured you must first complete and return the registration form - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE IBACKUP REGISTRATION FORM

Important Information

  • This version of the iBackup requires that you have .NET Framework 4 installed
  • If you require any assistance with this configuration please log a service request through our web page and your Primary Support Person will contact.


First Step - Activation

First Activate the iBackup module in your RMS8 system.

From the Main Menu
Select Setup
Select General Information
Go to the Modules tab

You would have received a welcome letter from our administration department, this letter included a registration number to activate your iBackup module, enter the registration number into the field named 'Internet Backup Registration No.:'

NOTE: when entering your registration number, be sure their are no spaces before or after your registration number.

Second Step - Configuration

We must now set the times you wish the iBackup to occur, to do this go to the Backup tab of the General Information screen.

Check the option for 'Backup to the Hard Drive' - this allows you to choose up to 4 different times that a local backup will automatically occur.

Check the option for 'Backup Offsite', then choose a time for this internet backup to occur.

NOTE: Ensure that your Hard Drive backups and Internet Backup do not overlap in time.  We also suggest that you set your Internet backup to a time that no one will be using RMS.

Compact Database prior to backup

Selection of this option will ensure that your database is compacted prior to the backup being completed.

Include History when backing up

Selection of this option will include all form letters sent in your local backup only.  Selecting this option will increase the size of your backup files and will take longer to perform a backup.

The Internet backup will not include history by default.

Select Save then Exit.

Third Step - Starting the iBackup

Select Start > All Programs > RMS for Windows > click once on 'Backup and Restore'

The Backup and Restore (iBackup) program will open as per the below screen shot.  Minimize the program and you will now notice that it will show in your system tray.  Leave teh backup program running 24hours a day for your iBackup to be able to perform its scheduled backups.

Fourth Step - Testing the Internet Backup

Double click the iBackup icon in your system tray

Select the backup option in the top left hand side of the screen

Select Internet

Select Begin Backup

This will now force an Internet Backup.  Once finished, again minimize the iBackup program.


Kiosk Interface
This utility links RMS to a Check In Kiosk system. To use this module the following five (5) steps must be completed. If you would like information about this module, CLICK HERE to contact our sales team.


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