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Using the TTP Membership for Online Bookings


RMS has now interfaced our New RMS Book Now Button with the Top Tourist Parks Membership Database!  This interface will allow your guests to enter their membership numbers which will find their member record, populate their member details into the guest fields and apply the appropriate discount as per their membership.


After completing this how-to you will have activated the TTP Membership database for your online booking page.

What this short Video on How to connect

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First Step - Link to the TTP Membership Database

If you havent yet linked your RMS system to the Top Tourist Parks Membership Database this will be the first step you will need to follow.  For instructions on how to link yourself please refer to the below knowledge base article;



Second Step - Add Membership Levels

To allow your RMS Book Now Button to apply the correct membership discount as per their level you will need to add two discounts into your RMS system, they must be called;

- TTPBasic

This will need to be set to 10% no greater than $30.00

- TTPPlatinum

This will need to be set to 10% no greater than $70.00


From any screen in RMS9

Click once on Setup on the Navigation bar

Choose Accounting from the list

Choose Discounts from the sub list

Click once on Add

Discount Tab


Room/Site Type Tab

Select the Room/Site Type tab. 

Here you can select which categories can use the discount.  Use the left right arrows to move the categories from the left to the right of the screen.

Those categories with access to the discount should be moved to the right of the screen.

RMS Online Tab

Select the RMS Online Options tab.

Tick the option 'RMS Online Promotion'

Enter the from and to dates for your membership levels will run for this should be set well into the future.

Use the left and right arrows to move the rate types the membership discount can apply for.


Once Complete select Save/Exit.

Third Step - Resister for the RMS Book Now Button

To register to use the new RMS Book Now Button please complete the form supplied below and submit, within 24 hours you will be contacted by an RMS representative who will supply you with the link to the New RMS Book Now Button!

Simply have your web page designer swap out the old URL for the new on on your Book Now Button and your page will be updated instantly!


CLICK HERE to Register!

The New RMS Book Now Button

By completing the three steps above when you customers come to the check out page of the New RMS Book Now Button they will see an optional area to enter their membership details.


If membership details are validated successfully, the customers contact information will be auto filled on the screen and their membership level discount will be applied to their reservation.


If membership details fail validation the customer will be able to proceed by manually entering their contact details.


When the reservation drops into your RMS system the TTP Member ship discount will automatically be applied.


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