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Top Tourist Parks Membership Database

Important Information before you Start

In order to utilize the Top Tourist Parks Membership Database your computer will be required to have a permanent connection to the internet.  You must also being using version 8.11.943 or higher of RMS.  

The below important information below only applies to Self Hosted properties.

If you do not have this version installed please contact your Primary Support Person to release this upgrade to you.

Dot Net Framework 3.5 SP1 must also be installed to use this module.  If you do not have this version installed it can be downloaded from the RMS Customer Service web page www.rms.com.au

If you are using Windows 2000 you must ensure you have Service Pack 4 installed, if you do not have this installed then please see your local technician to complete this for you.  A link to this upgrade from Microsoft is provided below;


Short Video on linking the TTP Member data to RMS

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First Step

Notify Curious IT that you now wish to have your code activated.  You will need to inform the company of your RMS Client ID.

Important: If you do not have a TTP Member Card Number, make sure to ask Curious IT for a Test Member Card Number so that you can check your settings at the end.

P: 03 9819 4433 (10:30 - 6pm Mon - Fri)
E: [email protected] (preferred)

Second Step

From any screen within RMS9

Select Setup from the Navigation Bar
Go to Property Options in the list
Select General Information from the sub list 

On the left hand side of this screen you will find the field for Code > enter the letters TTP into this field with no spaces.

In the field named Lic No. > enter the Access Code you were provided in Step One .

Third Step

From the same screen

Tick the option to Use Membership Database

NOTE: Do not enter any information to the data path below.

Fourth Step (optional)

You can make the Membership No. field the default start field in your RMS system.

To do this;

Go to the Guest Options tab in the General Information screen

Here, you will see three options to ‘Start the Cursor in Field, choose Membership, then Save and Exit back to the Main Menu of RMS.

Fifth Step

Ensure that the membership field can be seen in the client details column.

To do this;

  • Log into your RMS8 system, from the Main Menu of RMS choose the drop down setup menu on the top tool bar.
  • Select the Field Maintenance option in the list provided.
  • In the first column ‘Client Details’ ensure that the field for ‘Membership No.’ is ticked.

If you wish to move the field up or down first click once on the field to select it then using the up and down arrows to the right of this column click the appropriate button until the field is positioned where you would like to see it.

Sixth Step

Test that you can retrieve member information using either your own TTP Member Card or the Test card received in Step One .  CLICK HERE to find out how.

If you see the Member information coming back you have successfully connected your RMS system to the TTP Member Database.  If you do not please check the steps again to ensure each was completed correctly.

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