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Hyperterminal Test for BoomGates - Windows 95 to XP


This article will take you through the steps on how to perform a hyperterminal test.  This test will confirm that your BoomGates are talking to your RMS system correctly.

Please note that this article will only assist customers using Windows 95 to XP.  If you are using a windows version higher than this please refer to the article Hyperterminal Tests for BoomGates - Windows Vista and Higher

Important Information

  • LR1 Gates all run from the same com port
  • Maintain axis pin pads run from multiple com ports
  • This test must be completed on the computer which is running the BoomGate monitors


Getting the Information Required

If using LR1 Gates: Open the BoomGate monitor, from the Device drop down list select the gate you wish to test.

If using Maintain axis Gates: Open the BoomGate monitor to the gate that you wish to test.

Once you have the correct gate monitor open select the properties button, then go to the properties tab as shown below

Make note of all the Comm Port Properties as follows;

  • Port
  • Baud
  • Parity
  • DataBits
  • StopBits

Once you have this information documented close down all BoomGate monitors in preparation for the Hyper Terminal test.

Running the Hyperterminal Test

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Hyper Terminal

If the below screen appears select NO

Enter a name for your test

Select the appropriate com port as per your properties documentation

Enter in the below information as per your properties documentation, then choose OK

Note: Bits per second = baud.  Flow control should always remain hardware.

You will now see the below Hyper Terminal screen, ensure that you see the word connected in the bottom left corner, if so your test is ready.

With this screen open, the property must now attempt to go through the gate you are testing.  If the gates signal is getting back to the computer you should see a line of information, this may differ depending on the gates you are using.

Understanding the Results

LR1 Gates: show an entire string of information after the access number is entered at the gate as shown below.

Maintain axis Gates: are real-time and as the access number is entered you will see it appear on the screen.

Hyper Terminal test was unsuccessful

This now proves that the gates are not sending their signal to the computer.

This could be due to either a problem at the gate or a damaged com port etc.  You will need to contact either your  BoomGate technicians or Hardware technicians to investigate the issue further.

Hyper terminal test was successful but gates will still not work through the monitors

This could be due to the string of information being sent from the gates is not readable to RMS.

Screen shot the test screen above showing the string of information and email to your Primary Support Person for further investigation.

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