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Renew a BIG4 Member


This article will show you how to perform a renewal for an existing BIG4 member.


At any time during the membership a member can request to renew their membership, this will add a further 2 years onto their existing membership and issue them with a new card.

Finding an Existing BIG4 member

When using the Add Reservation screen RMS allows you to search for a BIG4 member by selecting the BIG4 Membership button found in the Guest Details column.


You can search for a member by;

  1. Member Number
  2. Given Name and Surname

Enter the information you wish to Look the member up by then click once on the 'Lookup Button'


If you are choosing to search by Given and Surname, more than one match may be found, in this case the below screen will appear.

From this list select the correct member.

If the member cannot be found in the list select Exit.


Once you have selected the correct member the fields on the BIG4 Membership Information screen will be populated.

To Renew a Membership

Once you have the correct member information on screen, select 'Renew Member'.


For members that have expired more than a month ago and less then 6 months ago, there will be two options, Rejoin or Renew.  If the membership is less then a month expired only renew will be available and if the membership has expired more than 6 months ago only renew will be available.

The charges for each differ also Renew is 40 and Rejoin is 50.

Select the appropriate option that the member requires.

NOTE: If selecting Renew the expiry date will be 2 years from the previous expiry date and any status credits earned will remain.

If selecting Rejoin the expiry will be set to two years from the date rejoined and status credits will be set to zero.


If this is a Renewal or a Rejoin without a booking then select the option 'Client Account', if the renewal is part of a booking then select 'Res Account'.  Select Process to continue.


You will now be taken back to the members information and the Expiry date will be automatically updated.

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