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Creating New BIG4 Members


This article will take you through the steps to creating a new BIG4 member.


To create a new BIG4 member you do not have to save a new reservation, you will however need to utilize the Add Reservation screen.

Creating a New Member

When using the Add Reservation screen RMS allows you to create a BIG4 member by selecting the BIG4 Membership button found in the Guest Details column.


Enter the guests information into the fields provided.  Those fields shown in blue are mandatory.

Note the status at the top of the form is '(New)', this indicates the details need to be for a new member.


Select Create Member and the below message will appear.  As there is no reservation saved the only account option that will show is the Guest Account.

If you have a reservation for this guest you will be able to choose which account the membership fee is charged to.

Once chosen select Process to proceed.


Note the status at the top of the form is '(Active)', this indicates that you have successfully created a new member.

It is recommended that when you create or renew a member that you provide a temporary pass.  To do this click once on the underlined word Temporary Card.


A browser window will open where you will be able to print the temporary pass including the terms and conditions.

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