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Reservation Audit Trail Import


This file allows the import of Reservatiion Audit Trail from a standard Comma Delimited file into the RMS system.


You must be able to provide a CSV file in the format as indicated below. It may be necessary to seek technical advice in order to create your file in the format that RMS requires.


Sample File - resaudittrail.csv

Important InformationEdit section

  • The file to be imported must be in a comma delimited CSV format.
  • The name of the file must be resaudittrail.csv
  • Microsoft Excel is able to save using a CSV format that should match these requirements.
  • The fields within this file must not contain commas
  • RMS is able to determine whether the first record is a header record or not, thus it is not necessary to strip the header record (field names) prior to the import
  • All Date Time fields must be supplied in yyyy-MM-dd HH-mm-ss (2014-07-19 23:55:00) format. If a Time is not supplied then midnight (00:00:00) will be used.
  • Reservations must already be created/imported in RMS and ResId in this file must match the RMS ResId or the FolioNo from the Res Import File. (not case sensitive)

Field Order - All fields must not contain commasEdit section

Order Field Name Field Type Required Max Charaters RMS Equivalent
1 ResId String Y 20 RMS Res Id or Folio No from Res Import
2 Field Name String Y 20 The name of the field that changed. (Valid Values below)
3 DateTime Date Time Y   The Date and Time the change was made
4 OldValue String Y 50 The value of the field before the change
5 NewValue String Y 50 The value of the field after the change
6 Username String N 50

The name of the user that made the change. Must match and Username in RMS.

If not supplied, or no match fround, Manager user will be used

Valid Values

Field Name

  • Arrive (DateTime)
  • Depart (DateTime)
  • Category (String) - Old and New Value must match existing Category's in RMS. Not case sensitive
  • Area (String) - Old and New Value must match existing Area's in RMS. Not case sensitive
  • ChargeType (String) - Old and New Value must match existing Charge Type's in RMS. Not case sensitive
  • Adults (Number)
  • Children (Number)
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