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Meter Reading Import


This file allows the import of the most recent meter reads from a standard Comma Delimited file into the RMS system.


You must be able to provide a CSV file in the format as indicated below. It may be necessary to seek technical advice in order to create your file in the format that RMS requires.


Sample File - meters.csv

Important Information

  • The file to be imported must be in a comma delimited CSV format.
  • The name of the file must be meters.csv
  • Microsoft Excel is able to save using a CSV format that should match these requirements.
  • The fields within this file must not contain commas
  • RMS is able to determine whether the first record is a header record or not, thus it is not necessary to strip the header record (field names) prior to the import
  • All Date Time fields must be supplied in yyyy-MM-dd HH-mm-ss (2014-07-19 23:55:00) format. If a Time is not supplied then midnight (00:00:00) will be used.
  • Area's must already be created in RMS and names must match exactly. (not case sensitive)

Field Order - All fields must not contain commas

Order Field Name Field Type Required Max Charaters RMS Equivalent
1 Area String Y 50 Room/Site Number E.g. 02
2 MeterType String Y 1 Type of meter
3 LastReadDate Date Time Y   Last date the meter was read
4 LastMeterValue Number Y   The last value on the meter
5 MeterNo String N 50 The serial/tag number on the meter

Valid Values

Meter Type

  • E = Electricity
  • W = Water
  • G = Gas
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