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Charge/Rate Type Import


This file allows the import of Charge Types from a standard Comma Delimited file into the RMS system.


You must be able to provide a CSV file in the format as indicated below. It may be necessary to seek technical advice in order to create your file in the format that RMS requires.


Sample File - chargetypes.csv

Important InformationEdit section

  • The file to be imported must be in a comma delimited CSV format (Field Delimiter).
  • If a data field within this file contain commas, it should be surrounded with "double quotes" (Text Delimiter).
  • Line returns should be replaced with the pipe character '|'. (Usually found on the backslash key).
  • Microsoft Excel is able to save using a CSV format that should match these requirements.
  • RMS is able to determine whether the first record is a header record or not, thus it is not necessary to strip the header record (field names) prior to the import

Field Order - All fields must not contain commasEdit section

Order Field Name Field Type Required Max Charaters RMS Equivalent
1 ChargeType String Y 50 Tariff / Charge Type
2 short_description String Y 50 Tariff Charge Description
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