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Access Number Import


This file allows the import of access numbers for boomgates or other access control systems from a standard Comma Delimited file into the RMS system.


Both guest access numbers (linked to reservations) and Alternate Users can be imported using this import type. Alternate users are not linked to a reservation and instead have a User Name such as 'Police', 'Cleaner', 'Staff Use' etc.


You must be able to provide a CSV file in the format as indicated below. It may be necessary to seek technical advice in order to create your file in the format that RMS requires.


Sample File - Pending

Important Information

  • Guest Access Numbers can only be imported after Reservations have been imported or created in RMS.
  • The file to be imported must be in a comma delimited CSV format (Field Delimiter).
  • If a data field within this file contain commas, it should be surrounded with "double quotes" (Text Delimiter).
  • Microsoft Excel is able to save using a CSV format that should match these requirements.
  • RMS is able to determine whether the first record is a header record or not, thus it is not necessary to strip the header record (field names) prior to the import
  • Each line should have either a Res Folio Number OR a User Name. If both are supplied then the file will not import.
  • Reservation Folio Numbers must match those imported during the Reservation Import (Saved to Res Spare Field 10).
  • Lines with a User Name specified will create an Alternate User record in RMS.
  • All Date fields must be supplied in DD-MMM-YYYY format.​
  • All Time fields must be supplied in HH:MM 24 hour format.

Field Order - All fields must not contain commasEdit section

Order Field Name Field Type Required Max Characters Description
1 Res Folio No Alpha Numeric Either Res Folio No or User Name is required. 50 Existing System Reservation ID/Number. (Imported to Reservation Spare Field 10 during Reservation Import).
2 User Name Alpha Numeric Either Res Folio No or User Name is required. 50 The name for the Alternate User entry in RMS. Long term access codes for Staff, Contractors, Police etc.
3 Access No Alpha Numeric N 10 Boomgate Access No
4 Rego

Alpha Numeric

N 10 Car Registration Number
5 Expiry Date Date N   Expiry Date (Departure Date used if blank)
6 Expiry Time Time N  

Expiry Time (Default Time used if blank)

7 Note Alpha Numeric


4000 General Note (not used for Alternate Users)
8 Access Type Numeric Y 1 Access Type. Valid values below.
9 Property Name Alpha Numeric Y 50 Property Name
10 Zone Alpha Numeric N 50 Access Zone ('All' used if blank) 

Valid Values

Access Type

0 - Only Allowed In

1 - Only Allowed Out

2 - Both In and Out

3 - Anti Passback


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