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How to Append a Service Request


This article will take you through the steps on how to append (update) a current outstanding service request.


First Step

Open your Internet Browser

Enter the web address www.rms.com.au then select GO or hit enter on your keyboard.

Second Step

Once you are on the RMS web page select the Login option on the top right hand corner of the page.


Third Step

When the below page appears enter your RMS Client No. and Password.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your RMS Client No or Password click once on the words Click Here for verification of your email address, once complete you will be emailed your RMS Client No and Password.

Fourth Step

Once logged in select the button on the top left named Customer Service


Fifth Step

A record of your Service Requests logged will be shown on this screen.  Those Service Requests which are still outstanding will appear in orange at the top of the page.

Beside each Outstanding Service Request you will find a button named 'Append'. 


To email an update to your Primary Support Person on the outstanding issue, enter your update into the Append Note field provided then select Save.

Your update will be recorded against the Service Request and an email will be automatically sent to your Primary Support Person with the information.



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