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Remote Assistance

What is Remote Assistance?

RemoteAssistance.jpgRemote assistance is a product that can be used by our customers in the event that we need to provide remote control support to their systems.

This product can only be used with the consent and assistance of our customers.


How do I Use Remote Assistance?

New Remote Assistance


To use remote assistance, go to remote.rms.com.au or click the image to the left and enter the code provided by the Customer Support person who is handling your service request.

You will be prompted to 'open' or 'run' the Elsinore Screen Connect client. Click 'open', 'run' or 'allow' depending on the options provided.




Old Remote Assistance

In the case that the new Remote Assistance program is not working on your computer, please follow these instructions instead:


To use remote assistance click once on the image to the left.

You will be prompted with a question asking whether you wish to download or Run the product, select RUN.

You will be prompted a second time to which again you should choose RUN.

When the product is loaded you will see a small screen with a list of names, double left click on the name of the Customer Support person you wish to connect to, then sit back and watch them work!


Technical Information

In 99% of cases RMS Remote Assistance will function without any further work at your end. If your network has an outbound firewall however, you may need to add some rules to allow outbound traffic:

New Remote Assistance:

TCP traffic on port 8041 to the following address:

remote.rms.com.au (

Old Remote Assistance:

TCP traffic on the port range 5501 - 5540 to the following IP addresses;


Allow RMS Staff Access
Live Support
RMS Version Release Notes
Service Requests
Service Requests are a fantastic way to get in contact with your Primary Support Person. Every RMS Customer has been assigned their own Primary Support Person, this person will build a relationship with you and your property ensuring that all your needs and requirements are taken care of in a timely manner. They will contact you from time to time regardless of a Service Request being logged to ensure that you are happy with the system and see if their is anything they can assist you with.
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