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RMS Version Release Notes

What are Release Notes?


Release notes a short summary notes of Bug Fixes and Enhancements which have been included in a given RMS version.

These notes can also contain a link to an RMS Knowledge Base article which will provide you further information on feature.


How do I access the Release Notes web page?

There is two ways to access the RMS Release Notes web page;

Through RMS9 (available from version

When logged into RMS9, you will find the option Help along the top navigation bar, select Help then select RMS Release Notes.  The RMS Release Notes web page will open in your internet browser.

Through the RMS Customer Support Centre

To access the Release Notes you will first need to log into RMS Support;

Using your internet browser go to http://support.rms.com.au/support/

Log in using your RMS Client No. and Password
If you have forgotten your RMS Client No or Password, click once on the Click Here link on the page to be emailed your information to the email address you provide.

You will now find a button along the top of the page named 'Release Notes', if you select this button the below page will appear;


How can I search for Release Notes?

To read the release notes between versions for either version 8 or RMS9, enter the version numbers into the from and to fields provided then choose find.  Our system will then display the results of your search like the below;

Where you find a release note that shows the word View in the Knowledge Base column, this indicates that there is an RMS Knowledge Base article that further explains this new feature to the system.

RMS9 Messaging System

Our RMS9 Messaging system is designed to inform you of important changes or information as required.

These messages when present will appear when you first log into the RMS9 system, once you have read through the message you can acknowledge the message and choose to not show it again by ticking the option 'Don't Show Again' before selecting 'Save and Continue'.

As versions are released we will initiate a message to appear in RMS9, informing you of the upcoming release.


Allow RMS Staff Access
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Remote Assistance
Service Requests
Service Requests are a fantastic way to get in contact with your Primary Support Person. Every RMS Customer has been assigned their own Primary Support Person, this person will build a relationship with you and your property ensuring that all your needs and requirements are taken care of in a timely manner. They will contact you from time to time regardless of a Service Request being logged to ensure that you are happy with the system and see if their is anything they can assist you with.
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