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Allow RMS Staff Access

Why would I give RMS Staff Access?


If you require assistance with an error, an account not balancing, reporting etc, there may be times that the RMS Support staff will require access into your RMS system to investigate.

To grant access to your system, please follow the below steps.


How do I give RMS Staff Access?

To give RMS Staff access to your RMS system, you will need to follow the below steps

Log into your RMS9 system

Go to Help > Allow RMS Staff Access

When the below screen appears, select the date you wish to grant RMS Staff access up to.

Select Save/Exit.

You can now notify the RMS Support Team that they have access to your RMS system.


Live Support
Remote Assistance
RMS Version Release Notes
Service Requests
Service Requests are a fantastic way to get in contact with your Primary Support Person. Every RMS Customer has been assigned their own Primary Support Person, this person will build a relationship with you and your property ensuring that all your needs and requirements are taken care of in a timely manner. They will contact you from time to time regardless of a Service Request being logged to ensure that you are happy with the system and see if their is anything they can assist you with.
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