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When/Why is the RMS Vault Used?


The RMS Vault, allows you to store credit card information from Online Bookings offsite in a secure location ensuring that your RMS system remains PCI Compliant.


This feature can ONLY be accessed via RMS 9.

Any reservations received from any online channel which have credit card information will automatically be stored in the RMS Vault.

This feature will work for both the RMS Book Now Button and also any Online Channel.  E.g. Wotif, Booking.com etc.


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User Access to the RMS Vault

In order for your staff to access the credit card information contained in the RMS Vault you will need to give them access in their Security Profile.

See the article Give Users Access to the RMS Vault

If you are not currently using individual user login for access to RMS we suggest this as 'Best Practice'. See Users and Security for more information on how to use this feature.

Bookings from Channels

Once the Vault is implemented by RMS (Feb 2015) credit card information from any online channel you are connected to will automatically be stored into the RMS Vault.

RMS Book Now Button and the RMS Vault

You now have the option to use the RMS Vault for your online bookings from your RMS Book Now Button.

By using this feature you will not be taking a deposit for your online bookings but instead taking credit card information as the confirmation for the bookings.  This information will be stored in the RMS Vault.

See the article Deposit Online Information

Accessing the RMS Vault

To access the RMS Vault you must be using the RMS Cloud solution via RMS 9.  You must also ensure that as a user you have been given access to the RMS Vault (see above).

See the article Accessing the RMS Vault

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