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RMS Online Overview


RMS Online is a real-time Internet reservation system that makes online bookings faster and easier for you and your guests.


We supply an RMS Book Now URL which your web developer can easily link to your website. Following a simple setup process RMS Online will automatically upload and maintain your rates and availability. RMS Online constantly monitors RMS for changes to rates, business rules and inclusions and updates them automatically.

The rates and availability are clearly displayed for visitors to your website who can then book for their preferred dates

RMS Online collects secure deposits to the value you have set based on the type of booking being made.

Once the booking has been made a confirmation is emailed to you and the client. The booking then appears in RMS automatically blocking out that room.

If you make a booking at the property the change to availability to instantly uploaded to RMS Online.

What are the benefits of this feature?

Secure Payments

The RMS Online deposit payment system is completely PCI compliant. When the guest enters their credit card details they are transmitted and stored securely with an online payment gateway. At the same time a token which relates to the credit card is attached to the guest. This token can be used to make subsequent payments or refunds without the risk of holding the card details.


RMS Online is an extension of your RMS database so anything you can do in RMS can translate to RMS Online. Minimum night stays, maximum adults per room, rates, seasons and any other business rule are automatically reflected in RMS Online.

Cost Effective

RMS Online bookings are not commissionable. We charge a small flat fee for each booking that we process. This charge and the bank merchant fees can be charged back to the guest at the time of the reservation meaning cost free bookings for you.

Change the look and feel of RMS including colours and images to reflect your website and branding at no cost.

Increase Yield

Use RMS Dynamic pricing to automatically adjust rates dependant on rules that you set. Set rates dependant on a combination of occupancy and time from arrival to maximise your yield.

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