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Setting up your Tariff/Availability Chart for the First Time


This tutorial will take you through the basic steps to setting up your rates in the Tariff/Availability Chart for the first time.

Acessing the Tariff/Availability Chart

There are two ways to access the Tariff/Availability Chart, both are outlined below;

1. The Chart can be accessed via the icon found on the top left of the screen that resembles a Calendar.


2. The Chart can also be accessed from the drop down menu on the Navigation bar under Charts.


Creating a Tariff Type

When you open the Tariff/Availability Chart for the first time you will be presented with the below message.

Select YES.


This will automatically open the Tariff Type search screen, select ADD at the bottom of the screen and the below screen will appear.


The minimum that you need to entire into this screen to Save is a description in the first field.

Enter your description then choose Save/Exit.

NOTE: The RMS Online Only check box is not yet active.

Once you are back to the Tariff Type setup screen Exit back to the Tariff/Availability Chart.

Attaching a Rate to your Tariff Type

When you exit back to your Tariff/Availability Chart you will see a screen similar to the below.


Each row represents a category in your system

Each column represents a date

Left click once on the first cell for one of your categories, you will be presented with a drop down list of selections similar to the below


Left click once on 'Add New Rate Table'

**From here we will break this screen down into three (3) sections


The period is the dates from and two that this rate is to be used for.


  • Periods can overlap, RMS will simply look for the smallest period to decide which rate to use.
  • All year round should only ever be used if you have no other periods (For Example if you have a low and a high period you should never use all year round).
  • Manual Dates allows you to choose the from and to date, with this option once your dates are selected you will need to enter a Period Description into the field provided.  You can also choose to use a System Color (alternates between green and yellow) or Custom Color where you can choose from the color palette.
  • Min Res Period - normally your periods are shared across many categories, therefore you would only enter a minimum nights against the period if it is not for a specific category. For Example, Christmas may be a minimum 7 for the entire property therefore you would enter 7 into this field.


Dynamic Pricing

The Dynamic Pricing feature allows you to automatically govern what Tariff is to be charged not only using the Tariff Periods but also on the Time out from the guests arrival and the Occupancy levels of your property on the dates the guest is in-house for.

If you wish to setup dynamic pricing choose from one of the following two options by clicking on the word.


Enter the nightly rate for this Category/Period/Tariff Type combination.


  • You must enter a person base, this is especially required if you charge for extra people, the person base as per the below screen shot indicates that this rate is $80.00 per night for 2 people.
  • Do not enter any information into the 'Minimum Charge Per Period' if you are using a nightly rate as this will over-ride the amounts entered above.
  • If the category that you are adding the rate for has a minimum nights ruling this can be set for only this category under the heading 'Minimum Reservation Period ofr Reservations Arriving On.'

Once you have entered the rates select Save.



There are two ways to control your deposits from RMS Online, one is by the rate, the other is over-riden through the Online Bookings > Options screen.

By the Rate

From the rate edit screen go to the Deposits tab, enter the rules for the deposit you wish to request.

For Example; if you simply wish to request 50% at the time of the booking then enter 50 into the % field shown below.



If you wish to charge for additionals above the person base on the rate tab then click on the additionals tab and enter the amount you wish to charge for additional adults, children, infants etc as shown below.


Now that you have a general tariff entered for this category select Save/Exit, this will take you back to the chart and display similar to the below.


Repeat the above steps for each category and period that you wish to enter into your system.

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