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RMS Book Now Button for Facebook


This article will take you through the steps to integrate your RMS Book Now Button into your Business Facebook page.


This feature allows people to book direct online at your property from your Facebook Business Page!


Install Woobox

Go to https://woobox.com

Select to login with Facebook

Select Static Tabs at the top of the page

Select 'HTML Fangate Tabs' on the left hand side of the screen


Select Create New Tab > HTML Fangate Tab

Select Image on the right hand side of the screen


Add an Image of your choice - this will become the image for your Book Now Button

Select URL on the right hand side of the screen



Enter the below URL changing the XXXX to your RMS Client ID and the X to the Channel ID. (If you are uncertain of these numbers please contact our support team)

To locate the correct Channel ID in RMS9 under the Setup > Online Bookings > Channel Management, to the left of the Channel Name on this screen you will see the Channel ID number.



Change the Height to 1000


DO NOT select to Hide Scrollbars


Select Save Settings at the bottom left of the page


Check your Facebook Business Page

Open your Facebook Business Page and you will now find a new icon at the top for your Book Now page.

When the Book icon is selected the guest will be taken to the below screen to make an online reservation.

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